This creature’s photo seemingly fools internet users after going viral: See what’s causing the uproar

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real or not? – See a viral photo and what people are saying about it. continue reading…

‘big amount’‘ – See old Pyrex dishes that can fetch $$ for lucky collectors. continue reading…

Dana Perino’s ‘Short Questions’ – Don’t miss this revealing interview! continue reading…

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Dana Perino’s new series “Short Questions” on Fox News Digital delivers fun and surprising insight into favorite Fox News personalities. (Fox News)

What is in a name? Mom is going viral for the name of this newborn. continue reading…

holiday plans — Check out the smart advice from Kurt “Cyberguy” Knutsson. continue reading…

‘disrupting’ pet space — An Arkansas animal shelter introduces a new model. continue reading…


Best Friends Animal Society aims to make America’s shelters kill-free by 2025 — and provide cage-free spaces for animals in need of a home. (Russell Bloodworth Photography)

new book series – See if author and former Navy SEAL Jack Carr is coming. continue reading…

‘Can’t keep quiet’ – parents should be aware of this troubling issue today. continue reading…

‘biggest regret’ A social media post revealed a lot about the mother and father. continue reading…

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Play Fox News Daily Crossword Puzzle online – free. Solve daily puzzles, learn new words and help strengthen your mind with fun games. (iStock)

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