This company lets you rent sheep to mow your lawn in an environmentally friendly way

Corey Sutter, owner of Chief Shepherd and Lamb Mowers Fairfax, explained how his booming business is attracting people to a wide variety of products. need lawn care,

Sutter told guest host Will Cain “tucker carlson tonight“That they are the only licensed and insured landscaping company that is also invited to children’s birthdays and evening wine parties.

The head shepherd says that weed control is a specialty of his sheep and a lot of clients hire him for this purpose.

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(courtesy of Lamb

Suter said he came to Lamb because he cares about conserving soil and water resources for future generations.

“My sheep do a wonderful job of putting organic matter back into the soil where it belongs, and I have lots of happy customers. It makes people very happy sheep in their yard,

Sutter explained to Cain how passionate he is about soil health and the eco-friendly services provided by Lamb

“My sheep provide some biodegradable fertilizer pellets. And yes, if you put the lawn clippings back on the lawn, that’s what our soil needs, you know?”

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A landscape company is using sheep to trim customers’ lawns in an environmentally friendly way. (iStock)


“Here in the US all our soil used to have more than 8% organic matter, and now we’re back to only about half a percent and a lot of our farmland. And that means there aren’t a lot of nutrients left in it. ” That soil to feed us,” Sutter said. “It fuels the obesity epidemic in America by depleting nutrients and organic matter in the soil.”

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