Peaceful Co-existence between military and civilians key in Ashaiman – Nii Adjor

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The Chief of NII Annan Adjor II, Ashiman has appealed to the Military High Command to ensure peaceful coexistence in Ashiman and its enclaves and cooperate with the police in prosecuting suspects in the death of Trooper Imoro Sheriff.

In an interview with the Ghana News Agency, the chief said “two wrongs don’t make a right”. The military should not use the same approach that civilians used to kill their colleague.

According to NII Adzor, the army’s action created fear and panic among the residents, who were preventing traders from going to school, including school children, who could not go about their regular activities.

He regretted the loss of a dedicated and energetic young Army officer who died under such bizarre circumstances and appealed to the Army to cooperate with the police to thoroughly investigate and prosecute the suspect, but spare innocent civilians. Did not treat cruelly.

“I request the military high command to handle the matter in a peaceful manner so that innocent people are not beaten up,” he added.

The Chief said the Army should educate the public about the ramifications of attacking security personnel as it is likely to lead to chaos.

He cited the Denkyira-Obuasi incident, where the late Major Maxwell Adam Mahama was beaten to death, which led to the arrest of some suspects and affected residents, but no lessons were soon learned.

“Any attack on any military officer should be reported to the appropriate authorities,” and also appealed to the army to use the appropriate forum for redress rather than retaliation.

He said that the public does not have the right to attack the army, nor does the army have the right to attack a civilian illegally.

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