Parliamentary Select Committee on Defence and Interior appeals for calm in Ashaiman

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Social Parliament Aashiman

Mr. Ken Agyapong, Chairman of the Parliamentary Select Committee on Defense and Interior, has appealed to the people of Ashaiman to remain calm in the face of recent military brutalities in the municipality.

Following the killing of a young military officer, Trooper Imoro Sheriff in Ashiman, Ghana Armed Forces (GAF), acting on orders from the Military High Command, made a dawn swoop in the municipality on Tuesday, March 07, leading to the arrest of of more than 180 people.

Mr. Agyapong made the appeal during a fact-finding visit by members of the committee along with the Defense Minister of Ashiman Municipality, Mr. Dominic Nitiwul.

During a public meeting with the victims of the March 7 military brutality in Ashaiman, the Speaker expressed his condolences to the family of the slain soldier.

He also expressed his condolences to the family of late Alhaji Mohammed Musa, a victim of military brutality in Ashaiman who passed away after being released.

Mr. Agyapong also expressed sympathy for the injured victims of military brutality.
He further appealed to the victims to have patience and remain calm; Mr. Agyapong said, “You know that I stand for the truth and nothing else, and therefore, we are going to go deeper into this matter and come out with the truth.”

They noted that due attention would be given by the Committee to the record of evidence of military brutality presented by Mr. Emmanuel Kumade, counsel for the victims of military brutality in Ashiman.

He advised the residents of Ashaiman to be fearless and expose all the bad people in their society, but not to take the law into their own hands.

“I have always defended Aashiman, that they are good people, that’s why I say Aashiman is my second home. If you don’t know Aashiman and you hear what people speculate about Aashiman, you would think they are bad or bad people,” he said.

He cautioned that when people cover up the bad guys, in the end innocent people will suffer, as happened to him last week.

He assured that the committee would study the documents presented to them and they would come up with their recommendations.

Defense Minister, Mr. Dominic Nitiwul appealed for a cordial atmosphere between the army at Michel Camp and Aashiman.

James Agalaga, Ranking Member of the Parliamentary Select Committee on Defense and Internal Affairs, also reiterated the need to maintain peace in Ashaiman, urging Ghanaians to have faith in the institutions of the State; saying, “We need the Army, and the Army needs us.”

Mr. Ernest Henry Ngorbe, Member of Parliament (MP) for Ashiman urged the victims of military brutality to remain calm and not to retaliate.

Mr. Emmanuel Kumade, a lawyer for the victims of military brutality in Ashaiman, who spoke about the torture and ill-treatment the victims suffered, appealed to the committee to ensure that justice is served.

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