NUGS petition education committee to uncap GETFund

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The National Union of Ghana Students (NUGS) has petitioned Parliament to abolish the Ghana Education Trust Fund (GETFund).

NUGS argued that the capping of the GETFund resulted in a decline in education funding.
That, the student body explained, had a negative impact on the allocation of funds to the Student Loan Trust Fund and other educational agencies.

Presenting the petition to Parliament’s Education Committee, NUGS National President Mr. Dennis Appiah Larbi Ampofo urged the committee to reject the proposed 2023 formula for disbursement of GETfunds.

He added: “…our concern is primarily about concerns about dwindling funding for education coming out of GETfund. Act 947 is the enemy of the progress of education in Ghana, especially for the GETFund part.

According to him, the bigger problem with NUGS began in 2023 when he realized that this was again not a boardroom discussion, adding that “it was a case of willfully depriving students in this country of the funds needed to run the educational sector Is. The necessary funds to be released to the agencies have stopped,” Mr Ampofo said.

“We stand at a crossroads where the fate of our young students is in your hands. First, we reject the formula without any equality. We can comfortably discuss the future of education only when the funds earmarked for education are guaranteed by this House.

The President further called on the Committee to reject the proposed 2023 formula and take steps to immediately terminate the GETFund.

“Opening Gatefund is a communal labor,” he said.
Supporting NUGS to present the petition, Mr. Kofi Asare, Executive Director of Education Watch, urged the committee to save the education sector from collapse.

“Let’s respect the fact that the Education Fund is for education; Its as simple as that. We are hopeful that the Select Committee will take a decision by Monday.

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