Mayor Cantrell of New Orleans (USA) recounts her experience with Homeda Kente’s fabric

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Mayor Cantrell and Homda Kente of New Orleans (USA)

New Orleans (USA) Mayor LaToya Cantrell has shared a remarkable memorable account of meeting Homeda Kente in 2019 at the Global Economic Forum.

After being quoted in a long list of celebrities and personalities styled by the global kente brand, Homeda Kente, in a social media post captured by mayor, blogger and journalist Charming Mustafa Nie Okai Inusah, she said that she Met Kente when he was doing artist. Exhibitions at the Global Economic Forum.

She continued that during the exhibition, there was a live demonstration of kente weaving, the history of kente fabric in Homeda, as well as gorgeous fabric samples were available for guests to get a feel for it.

They concluded that since their meeting, continuing to foster relationships with cultural artists in Ghana has been a priority.

In a reply, the CEO of Homeda Kente Amos Homeda Osei, thanked the mayor, and Alana Harris, Deputy (Arts and Culture) in the Office of the Mayor for supporting the Kente brand.

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