LAURA INGRAHAM: The greatest threat to the order is the globalist status quo

Laura Ingraham highlights how former President Donald Trump has taken down the “sacred cow” of the rules-based international order and put America first with his foreign policy.ingraham angle,

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Laura Ingraham: On a weekend like this, with so many world events stacked against us, we once again come to the conclusion that, yes, Trump was right. Now, remember, from the very first months of his presidency he challenged the stagnant, outdated status quo. You know the status quo where America bears the bulk of Europe’s security burden?

Now, he made it clear that gone are the days when the United Nations and other foreign countries could walk unhindered America’s interests,

Donald Trump Xi Jinping THUMB

Donald Trump and Xi Jinping shake hands during a business leaders event at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on November 9, 2017. (NICHOLAS ASFORI/AFP/GETTY IMAGES) (NICHOLAS ASFORI/AFP/GETTY IMAGES)


His common sense message seemed a bit bogged down, didn’t it? But this did not anger our hypocritical writers to the end. Trump’s removal of his sacred cow, the rules-based international order. That thing wasn’t just wrong, the order – what he said about it was dangerous.

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The biggest threat to order was and is the global status quo. Even Henry Kissinger understood this – yes, the man most responsible for opening America to China in the 1970s. He looked at the growing threat of Beijing and how it has become so dangerous under President Xi and advised Trump in a series of meetings on ways to out-of-the-box establishing china close ties with Russia.

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