John Wick Chapter 4 Hindi Review Starring Keanu Reeves Lance Reddick Ian McShane Donnie Yen Schmeier Anderson Bill Skarsgard Laurence Fishburne – John Wick 4 Review: ‘John Wick’ Back in Classy Style, Slow Smoking Action Movement

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Film:John Wick – Chapter 4

director:Chad Stahelski

Main Artist: Keanu Reeves, Lance Reddick

See: Theater

date of release: March 24

What’s the Story: The story of Liongate’s film ‘John Wick: Chapter 4’ begins from where Chapter 3 ended. Now the story picks up, and the New York hotel that helped John Wick (Keanu Reeves) is destroyed. Along with this, his manager was also removed from his post. March (Bill) wants to take John down and does everything he can to do so. There are some attempts which are against the table. Winston (Ain Maxen) enlists John’s help, allowing John to return to The Table and Winston back at his hotel. Marches also enlists the help of Kane (Donnie Yen) and Mr. Nobody (Shemier Anderson) to kill John. The way Ken’s description plays both his friendship and responsibility together, he likes Direct. Now is John Wick back on the table…? Can he beat Marchese…? And the biggest question.. Is John Wick alive? For answers to many such questions, you will have to watch John Wick 4.

What is special and where is the best: The life of John Wick 4 is its action choreography. The film has some great action sequences, though they are not the larger than life type and that is the beauty of it. The action scenes of the film, despite being unreal, are real to a great extent and only small moments make you excited. Apart from the action scenes of the film, its guessing score has also been tagged a lot. At the same time, along with camera work, cinematography and editing are also excellent. There are many camera moments in the film, seeing which not only the critics but also the people watching the attachment become happy from your heart. Not only action in John Wick 4 but there are also some one liners which do not make you laugh. While half of the film is the younger brother, the last part of the bounty hunt is very strong. It is not that everything is the same in the film, the film is of about 3 hours and this thing gets stuck in many places, where some scenes have been dragged a lot. At the same time, there are some scenes in the film (especially Kane’s fighting sequence, which are also very good to watch), seeing which you are unable to connect logically and it seems that you are showing something.

View or not: John Wick 4 is a treat for fans of the series, and you can definitely watch it. Before watching John Wick 4, keep in mind that you have seen the old three chapters, otherwise there are many such things in the film, from which you will not connect. Its third chapter was released in the year 2019, so if you do not pay attention to that too well, then you can watch it again, so that the fun of this chapter remains.

(Note: This review is written after watching the English version of the film)

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