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Alhaji Haruna Atta, former High Commissioner to Namibia and Botswana, has urged Ghanaian diplomats to publish books on foreign relations to enlighten the country.

He said that diplomacy was a tricky business that required ‘work of the mind’ for diplomatic negotiations and that much depended on the character of the diplomats.

He also met a former ambassador in Accra and a retired diplomat, Mr. Kwame A. He was speaking at the release of a book, “The Kaya Diplomat: Diary Notes of a Ghanaian Diplomat” authored by Tenkorang.

The 320-page book has seven chapters that talk about his personal experiences as a diplomat.
The chapters are: ‘Kaya’ diplomat; General Kutu Acheampong Era; June 4, 1979 and Dr. Hilla Liman era; Jerry John Rawlings era; John A. Kufor era; John Evans Atta Mills Era; and the John Dramani Mahama era.
Author Sri Tenkorang said: “I had a story to tell, and I told it in the best way I could.

“Kaya’ Diplomat: Diary Notes of a Ghanaian Diplomat is unique because it focuses on my life story.”
He recommended the book to learners and educational institutions to know more about foreign relations activities.
“I didn’t set out to write a textbook, however, because the lessons contained in this book cannot be ignored.”

“The book highlights the narration of my personal experiences in various episodes and a practitioner needs to know as a guide reading material,” he said.

Mr. Fred Labey, publisher of DigiBooks Publishing, stressed the need for diplomats to publish books to tell their stories and enlighten people around the world who were ignorant of the African continent.

“The world is ignorant of Africa, and it is our responsibility to enlighten them by contributing our perspective not only in the field of governance and education but also in the field of attitude, belief and practice,” he said.

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