Dungeons & Dragons Honor Among Thieves Review in Hindi Starring Chris Pine, Sophia Lillis, Michelle Rodriguez, Justice Smith, Daisy Head – Review: Limelight – A lighthearted fun film, ‘Dungeons and Dragons’

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Film: Dungeons and Dragons – Honor Among Thee

director: Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Dale

Major Starcast: Chris Pine, Sophia Lillis, Michelle Rodriguez, Justice Smith and Daisy Head

See: Theater

What’s the Story: The film begins with Chris Pines and Michelle Rodriguez being jailed for theft. Both escape from the jail and meet their old comrades. But being in jail for a long time changes the situation. One of their friends, Fudge, has grown up to be a grown man, and has Chris’ daughter. The story progresses and it is revealed that Fudge lied to Chris’s daughter and was the one who framed Chris-Michelle during the heist. All this is happening in the affair of a red witch, who wants everyone in her paan. All this is not as easy as it seems to read, because it all happens in a modern way. Now does Chris get his daughter back? Are Chris and his new team stopping the Red Witch? And what was the last thing Chris went off to steal, leaving his young daughter alone? You will have to watch the film to answer all these questions.

What is special and where is the best: ‘Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves’ makes its creativity, such as the use of magic seen in it, excite the audience. However, many such things also happen, which you sometimes see somewhere in some or the other film. The story of the film is good but the writing is weak and the film seems to be too long at some parts. On one hand the visuals of the film give you fun, on the other hand there are punch lines that make you laugh every now and then. Some scenes of the film are quite spectacular, such as the scene of Sophia Lillis entering the fort. The good thing about the film is that there is no fear that you cannot enjoy it with children.

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View or not: ‘Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves’ viewing time Sometimes you will miss ‘Game of Thrones’ and sometimes Harry Potter, but still the film is good, which can be enjoyed. However, to watch this film one can wait for its OTT release.
(Note: This review has been written after watching the English version of the film)

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