CSOs calls ceasefire in Bawku conflict

Bawku Conflict
Bawku Struggle

A coalition of civil society organizations (CSOs) has called for a ceasefire and the establishment of an independent mediation committee to resolve the Bawku conflict.

In a statement copied to the Ghana News Agency, the coalition expressed concern about the Bawku conflict and said they are deeply troubled about recent events in relation to the conflict.

“We are deeply concerned about the high potential for further deterioration of the violent situation in the Bavku area,” the statement said.

“We are calling on all parties, including Mampusis and Kussis, to cease fire and resort to dialogue to ensure peace.”

They also called on the government to immediately set up an independent mediation committee to support the existing processes to find a permanent solution to the long-standing conflict in Bavku in the Upper East region.

The statement added that CSOs working in the region and on peace and security issues at various levels are aware of the protracted and complex nature of the Bawku conflict, as well as the political initiatives that have fueled conflict and violence in the region. trigger. every time.

It said they were aware of various initiatives and processes that were put in place to resolve the conflict.
However, it was noted that recent incidents, threats of violence and continued agitation were indicative of mistrust on both sides in existing or ongoing processes to resolve the conflict.

It said they were concerned that recent government approaches to maintaining peace in the region appear disorganized, lack intelligence, and risk violence.

It added that they were dismayed about the innocent lives and properties that were lost in the conflict and its impact on the socio-economic livelihood of the people.

The statement said that the city of Bavku was slowly becoming a pale shadow of itself, as the exodus of teachers, nurses and businesses from the city negatively affected business, education, health and social service delivery.

It added that they were particularly concerned that recent events in Bavku, if not urgently addressed, would further undermine human security indicators in the region and render the region more vulnerable to terrorist and extremist recruitment and attacks. Will make, due to which the whole country will be in danger.

It added that there was a high potential for spread to nearby communities and other metropolitan areas in Ghana.

The statement said they were equally concerned by the proliferation of arms and ammunition by civilians and by both sides of the Bawku conflict.

It said that this made the situation in Bavku very uncertain and unstable; He said that the news of continuous firing and killings in the area was a very worrying incident which once again scared not only Bawku but the entire country.
It said the coalition of CSOs concerned about the Bawku conflict unequivocally condemns all violent attacks by any party to the conflict.

It added that they are calling on all parties to the Bawku conflict to cease fire, lay down their arms and resort to dialogue to resolve the conflict and any issues that may arise.

It said in the interest of Bawku and the people of Ghana, they were calling on leaders and other stakeholders and parties on both sides of the conflict not to use force and violence.

It said it will ensure that lives and properties are saved and protected. We call on youths on both sides in particular to remain calm and use dialogue instead of violence.

The coalition of CSOs includes Foundation for Security and Development in Africa (FOSDA), West Africa Network for Peacebuilding (WANEP-Ghana), Ghana Anti-Corruption Coalition (GACC), Jatike Center for Human Security and Peacebuilding, NORSAAC and RISE GHANA Are. ,

The rest are Widows and Orphans Movement Ghana (WOM), Center for Youth and Child Crisis Intervention (CycrisIntervention), Institute of Security and Safety Policy Research-ISSAPR, National Network of Youth Groups. 11. United Force for Muslim Family Counseling Services and Development (UF4D).

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