Combating modern slavery: livelihood start-up materials presented to 34 trained women

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ActionAid Ghana (AAG), a non-profit global justice organization working for social justice, gender equality and poverty alleviation, has appealed to the public to help combat modern slavery in the region.

According to the AAG, modern slavery was common in Ghana and manifested as exploitation of children and women, particularly in the agricultural sector.

AAG’s Ghana Country Director Mr. John Nakaw made the appeal when he was speaking at an event to distribute livelihood start-up materials to 34 women trained under the Combating Modern Slavery Project in Sampa, Zaman North District of Bono . Area.

The project, being implemented by AAG, started in 2021 in collaboration with the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation to build the capacity of state institutions to implement measures to prevent, identify and protect vulnerable groups and victims of modern slavery To be.

It also supports vulnerable individuals and groups by building their capacity to resist and prevent their recruitment into modern slavery.

Shri Nakav informed that the objective of this project is to empower women to lead a dignified life by enabling them to resist indecent acts, violence, exploitation, harassment and abuse at workplaces.

The country director noted that research into modern slavery has identified poverty as a major contributor to people’s vulnerability to modern slavery.

Therefore, he announced that under the project AAG has trained 400 women from twelve districts of the country to equip them with employability to enhance their income levels through setting up of their own businesses.

The beneficiaries were trained in detergent production, animal husbandry, catering, beekeeping, mushroom cultivation, baking, tiling, pearl making, soap making, pomade production and vegetable cultivation, Mr. Enkaw said.

He assured that AAG will continue to work tirelessly to support people in communities for sustainable development.

Mr. Solomon Owusu, Chief Executive of Zaman Northern District, described modern slavery as a devastating condition that must be abolished as victims were being exploited and forced to work in inhumane conditions with little or no pay. Had been.

He noted that the effort to combat modern slavery could not be accomplished by government alone, adding that it was a common responsibility of the whole of society that required the cooperation of all stakeholders to help create a world where all people live in freedom. And live in respect.

Mr. Owusu urged citizens to support its eradication by reporting criminals and other suspected individuals and groups involved to law enforcement agencies for their arrest and prosecution in courts of law of competent jurisdiction.

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